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Roses list

by | May 31, 2018 | Roses | 0 comments

AKITO Aperture: 100% – Is a medium headed variety, that opens very well and has a relatively long vase life. Great pure white wedding rose. AMSTERDAM Is a hot coral pink rose with salmon-pink tones. The amount and intensity of each tone may vary depending upon Mother Nature. AVALANCHE Medium stem length with a minimum of 15.5 inches.  BIKINI  Has small or no thorns, scarce foliage and a mild rose scent. BLIZZARD Standard bloom aperture. Is a white rose with ivory and cheesecake butter tones. BLUSH Has an average bloom width of 2 to 3 inches with a standard bloom aperture. CABARET Flower bloom width is an average of 2.5 inches to 4 inches. CARPEDIEM Red & pink borders with a soft yellow center. CARROUSEL Creamy pink with darker pink edges. CHERRY BRANDY Bloom size: 5-6 cm. CHERRY OH Opens fully and large petal count. Very popular! CONTRAST Bicolor: Red & Yellow. COOL WATER High petal count, great shape, opens fully and slowly, last longer than other lavender roses. COTTON CANDY Hot pink – bright. CREAM DE LA CREAM Bloom size: 5.5-6cm. DEJA VU Bright Yellow with red borders. DIDDY Red/Creamy Yellow. ENGAGEMENT Peach tones. ESPERANCE This variety opens fairly quickly and holds extremely well. EXPLORER This is the most popular red variety. Intense red, with a velvety texture. FAITH Opens fully and good vase life. With a 48-pedal count. FANCY CURIOSA Pink/Yellow. FARFALLA Cream with Orange borders. FIDJI Bicolor: Strong and soft orange. FIESTA Pink petals with white stripes. FIRST LADY Ebony with cream touches. FOREVER YOUNG Red variety. Mostly grows in 60 + cm grade. FREE SPIRIT A mix of red, pink and orange tones. FREEDOM It’s near a perfect color, form and vase life have relegated the vast majority of another red. GUINESS Red variety. HEARTS Garden Rose: Red with curly petals. HERMOSA Soft pink. HIGH AND BONITA Pink. HIGH AND CANDY Bicolor: Pink & White. HIGH AND EXOTIC A truly golden rose, with a very large head and a huge petal count. HIGH AND INTENZE Bicolor: Orange & Red. HIGH AND MAGIC This variety is largely being planted by farms since 2010 as a replacement for the older and less productive Circus variety. HIGH AND MORA Fuchsia – Hot Pink. HIGH AND ORANGE Bicolor: Orange with yellow petals. HIGH AND TWINKLE Sparkle white and red. HIGH AND YELLOW MAGIC This variety often comes with red edging on the outer petals. HOT MERENGUE Good petal count with a good aperture. HOT SHOT Garden rose: Dark pink. IGUANA Bicolor: Red & Orange. IGUAZU Bicolor: Pink tones. LA PERLA Cream and peach in the center, with green tones in the exterior. LATIN LADY Bicolor: Red & White. LOTUS Good petal count, opens fully. This rose has a similar bloom structure like freedom variety. It is a nice reddish orange rose. Has a unique frilly edge. MALIBU Creamy white outer petal with dusty pink border. MARIE CLAIRE This variety often comes with red edging on the outer pedals. MARILENA A mix of soft pink & peach petals. MOHANA A yellow rose with little touches of pink in the exterior petals. MONDIAL Trendy color, popular, exceptionally long lasting. Cream/soft pink. MOODY BLUES A mix between violet & lavender. MT EVEREST White rose with a cream touch. NECTARINE Light & creamy peach rose. NENA Light Pink. NINA Reddish orange. OCEAN SONG Lavender. PENNY LANE Intense yellow. PINK FLOYD Hot Pink. PURPLE CEZANNE Purplish pink. PURPLE HAZE Lavender rose with pink borders. RED PARIS A mix of two kinds of red. With a vibrant red in the center and a darker red on the outside. ROSEBERRY Cherry pink with a matte texture. ROSITA VENDELA Pink with touches of white and green. SAMBA PA TI A mix of pink and salmon colors. SANTANA Hot orange tones with red. SECRET GARDEN Garden Rose Type: Light Pink. SEÑORITA Variety with a pink center and a soft pink on the outside. STARDUST Yellow. SUPER GREEN Garden Rose: Lime green with curly petals. SWEETBERRY A mix of lavender and hot pink. SWEETNESS Hot pink borders with a creamy center. TAKINI Creamy Yellow. TALEA Creamy colors, a mix between rose a pearl. TARA Bright yellow. TIBET Creamy white. TITANIC Soft pink. TOPAZ Cherry Pink. TWILIGHT Bicolor: 2 tones of orange. VENDELA Ivory white with light pink borders. WHITE CHOCOLATE White rose with cream center. WIMBLEDON Garden Rose: Green. ZAZU A mix of soft yellow and green with yellow borders.